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I am a self taught Tampa Newborn Photographer operating in Land O Lakes, Florida. I specialize in photographing Tampa children and their families throughout the Bay Area including families in the Spring Hill, Lutz, Trinity, Odessa, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel areas. My photography focus is on mother’s expecting babies for maternity sessions, newborns who have just arrived and are still in the hospital for Fresh 48 sessions, at home newborn sessions that take place in the privacy of your own homes, babies and their first year milestones (these are called Grow With Me Sessions) as well kids of all ages with their families for general Tampa family portrait photography outdoors, on location in natural light spaces found throughout Tampa.

Because I am all self taught I thought it would be fun to show you how I edit a typical newborn composite. I get a lot of new photographers and also mom’s interested just because about how I do things during my sessions so why not show you the step by step as I work.

Meet sweet Michael who was just 10days old during his newborn session.
Tampa Newborn Photographer Shows Photoshop Magic on Baby 10days Old

I went to his home just West of Tampa Bay and photographed him on his back porch as it was a really cloudy day and light was limited. Before I continue I’ll explain why I shoot at a clients home rather than at a studio. I’m a huge fan on comfort – I’m a bit of a home body myself and work from home so naturally I know the deal…. you just got home from the hospital, you’re tired as heck, this sweet little bundle won’t sleep at night and you’ve maybe ate a cracker in the last 12hours meanwhile you’re bottle or breast feeding every 2hours. You haven’t brushed your hair and a shower, well forget it. Nothing fits and you are thinking okay, babies out why aren’t I back into my pre-preggo jeans?! I’m a mother of two – I get it! ALL OF IT, TRUST ME. For all of the reasons above – I come to you. I come to your home to make you feel comfortable in your space – I’m occupying your little bundle during their session to give you that window of time to get ready, eat a breakfast, relax, watch me… whatever you want to do in yyyyyyour space.

So let’s talk about this session I’m editing below. At this early age for a newborn they can’t hold their head up on their own so this shot was special and unique because I made him look as if he was doing the holding all on his own. While he was a sleepy little fella that doesn’t mean everything you see final product is what they did by themselves.

To achieve this image I posed him on his arms inserted the anchor where I thought it would look as if he’s laying on it and holding it. I then took my first shot holding the side of his head to support his lean. I then held the top of his head and took the next shot to focus on the bottom half which I would use later to crop my arm out of the frame all together. I then safely laid his head back down and looked at the two images I planned to merge. Once I got home I then merged the frames together to complete the final image you see at the end of this session.

So with that run down, please enjoy this newborn baby composite done in photoshop.

For those interested, this backdrop was purchased from Roses and Ruffles, pants by Nicole’s Breast Friends, custom anchor created by Rainbow Smile Shop and string found at Michael’s Craft store by the roll.

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Hi, I’m Dani!

I have been photographing Tampa Bay area families for the last 6 years and have captured hundreds of smiling families behind my camera lens.  I have a passion for Pasco children and families and focus on maternity, newborns and kids as they grow.