Tips for booking a Land O Lakes Newborn Photography Session

Tampa Newborn Photographer Searching

Finding a newborn photographer can be like welcoming someone into your family for the long haul. Typically a newborn session becomes baby milestone sessions, smash cake first birthday sessions, traditional year family photo sessions and so on. A photographer who grows with you can be a powerful tool in beautifying the realness of your images and family emotions.

Where should I search for a newborn photographer:

Today everything under the sun is listed online in some form. I highly recommend looking at social media as a starting point. Typically, photographers post recent work often and it’ll give you a good idea on how much they’re doing photography and what their recent work looks like. Google searches are also a good place to check reviews but keep in mind paid listings don’t make those photographers the top choice just because they’re showing #1 as a sponsored google listing.

Here’s my Land O’Lakes children and family facebook page to be considered as an option for your Tampa newborn photographer.

How to choose your Pasco Hillsborough Newborn Photographer:

First, do your research on Tampa area photographers. Think about what you’re looking for in your ideal newborn photographer for your family. While some photographers are cheaper in price others might be higher (or really high) on price… and then there’s everything in between. But being the least expensive or most expensive doesn’t make them the best newborn photographer option in the Tampa area. A photographer needs to feel the best for you and YOUR family. Ask questions and evaluate!

What questions should I ask a newborn photographer when I’m shopping for one:

My suggestion is to ask the photographer about their newborn pricing in detail. Ask the photographer what’s included in their package. Ask if the photographer works out of a studio or comes to your home as a traveling newborn studio setup. Ask the photographer if high-resolution images come with their package or if additional purchases or fees are required to get your baby images.

Besides the obvious questions above about what the newborn session costs and includes it’s also important to review the potential photographers portfolio to see if they have in fact worked with newborns on a regular basis. Remember, you are trusting a stranger to work with your most precious gift(s)… you want to make sure they have the knowledge to handle a baby safely. Be sure poses look relaxed and that clients are speaking newborn session raves!

What is the going rate for a newborn photographer:

Honestly, this various greatly based on experience level of the photographer. If you’re looking at images on social media and then looking at pinterest – do the images seem to look similar in the style you want? I’m a firm believer if their prices are too good to be true; they’re probably just that… too good to be true. No legit photographer is going to work for $50 and give you 500 edited images so be really, really leery of what someone promises in their delivery.

A travel newborn studio vs an in-studio session:

An in-studio session means that you, the client, would leave your home and drive to a designated studio space for your photos to take place. The lighting is very controlled in this environment and many studios have a setup for parents to relax and sit while the session occurs with their newborn photographer.

A travel newborn studio means that your photographer comes to you! They pack the car and bring everything needed for your baby’s newborn images including props, backdrops and other various equipment needed for a newborn session.

DigitalMyst Photography, Tampa is a travel newborn studio that captures newborn imagery in the comfort of your own home. The reason I come to your home for the baby’s session is because I’m a parent too and I honestly did not want to leave the house a week after having a baby. Most women aren’t feeling their best and packing up a new baby can sometimes be really overwhelming to new parents. I take away that stressor by traveling to your home, bringing everything and setting up the newborn session in your space. Because I’m a natural light photographer, I don’t have to pack up light kits so everything fits nicely into my car. It is important that you have a pretty good idea on the lighting in your home. I will window light to achieve the look and feel you see within my online newborn portfolio.

For more details on my newborns click here.

At what age should a newborn session take place:

It’s most ideal to capture a newborn within the first two weeks of birth. Typically babies in that age bracket spend lots of time sleeping and they curl as if they were still in the womb. After the two-week marker, babies tend to change their sleep patterns, become hungry more often and overall they aren’t as easy to pose.

After about two weeks DigitalMyst Photography offers a more lifestyle approach to a newborn session. This means that I still travel to your home but I photograph you as a family being, well, a family. There’s nothing sweeter than filling a baby room with a perfect little family swooning over their new little bundle. I mark those memories as keepsakes.

Understanding a newborn session timeline:

You should plan for a newborn session to last between 3-4hours from start to finish. Newborn sessions take time because well first, every baby is different.  Some babies are ready to go right after eating while others, well they just take a little longer to settle, to potty, to soothe.  Whatever the case, I say between 3-4 hours to setup, do pose baby shots and a couple prop style shots, then wrap up with sibling shots and parent shots and then pack the car again.  Plus there’s always an occasional pee/poo clean up in between and maybe an additional feeding with mommy.

How soon after a session should I expect to see my images:

Well, I can’t speak for all photographers but I think generally speaking a turn around should happen in 2-4weeks. Newborn photographers understand that these are your first images to debut your baby and announcements of some kind most always follow.

DigitalMyst Photography stands behind a 14 business day delivery window for newborn images. Newborn sessions, maternity sessions and any and all family sessions done through DigitalMyst get sneak previews on Facebook within the first 48hours unless a client specifically requests that images not be shared online due to a surprise reveal or personal reasons.

I hope this article was useful for shoppers looking for how to find a Tampa newborn photographer.

This article “Tips for booking a Land O Lakes Newborn Photography Session” was created by Dani with DigitalMyst Photography in Land O Lakes Florida.  I am a Pasco Newborn Photographer located on the edge of Land O Lakes, FL and Spring Hill, FL about thirty minutes north of Tampa.  I specialize in maternity, newborn, baby milestones and children and family photography in Tampa Bay.

Newborn Photography

DigitalMyst Photography of Land O'Lakes FL specializes in posed newborn photography in the comfort of your own home.  DigitalMyst Photography understands that those first days are absolutely precious so why leave the house?  Let us come to your home and give you a great newborn experience while taking the time and being patient and gentle with your new little baby.  We highly recommend booking your newborn photography in advance of your due date.  Let us plan along side you every step of the way so we can create a newborn session filled with colors, textures and props you've envisioned all along the way.  

Capturing photos of your newborn infant is something DigitalMyst Photography knows well.  We have spent years perfect our skills and working with babies in the Tampa Bay area just like yours.  If you're thinking about a photo session like some the photos shown throughout our portfolio; we might be your photographer.  Look no further. 

Newborn Portrait Sessions Include:

  • 3-4hours in the comfort of your own home where you have privacy and everything you need to care for your baby
  • 25-30 fully edited images in both color and black/white
  • Password protected digital gallery link
  • Private download pin code to share with family and friends
  • Print release to print your images where you wish 

Investment: $450

Please note that ALL sessions with DigitalMyst Photography include digital images without a watermark.  Those images are yours to print, share and do what you wish when you purchase a session with us.  We do not require any additional fees outside of the pricing listed unless travel is involved outside of 10miles from Land O' Lakes, FL 34638.  To properly quote your newborn session please give your zip code, major cross street or exact address.

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