Newborn Photography editing by Dani of DigitalMyst Photography

A Photoshop brush is a powerful tool that can significantly alter the appearance of an image, especially in the context of newborn photography in natural light in-home spaces I use in Tampa and Land O Lakes areas. When shooting in natural light, the lighting can be uneven, resulting in shadows, highlights, and other imperfections that can be distracting or unappealing in the final image for newborns. Any other time outside the lighting is a perfect situation, but newborns as most know require a much different lens to look through so to speak. In these situations, a skilled photographer can use a Photoshop brush to blend the lighting and create a more uniform and visually pleasing image for final delivery.

Honestly, I am a self taught photographer. I didn’t go to school to learn lighting, lenses, camera settings or editing software. They say when you love something and have a passion for it, you can just learn to do it. It’s like riding a bike for me I guess. I walk outside and I can instantly tell you what I would put my settings at to have a successful session indoor or outside. It does help that I spent years in Marketing and doing print advertising and marketing has really helped me learn little things in Adobe Photoshop! 

The use of this particular Photoshop brush requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. It involves understanding the properties of light and shadow, as well as the nuances of color and texture, in order to create a seamless and natural-looking final image for Tampa parents who just had their little baby. l use this brush to carefully and precisely adjust the lighting and color of specific areas of the image, while maintaining the integrity and overall aesthetic of the original photo. This is a trade secret I’ve developed and mastered over a decade editing my newborn images here in Land O Lakes where I operate my family photo business.

When it comes to newborn photography, the use of a Photoshop brushes, actions, layers and skill can be particularly important. Not only are Tampa newborns delicate and require a great deal of care and attention during the photography session, but post production can be just as much care in the retouch. Even with the best intentions and preparation, there may be imperfections on babies skin or maybe something was in the background but you had seconds to get the perfect shot in the final images that need to be retouched. 

A newborn's skin may have slight blemishes or discolorations that can be gently smoothed out with a Photoshop brush, creating a more polished and refined final image. This happens so often with a stork bite, baby acne or overall redness of outside the womb adjustment! It happens and I’m here for it as your Tampa Newborn Baby Photographer.  

Overall, the use of a Photoshop brush is an essential part of my post-production process for DigitalMyst Photography newborn photography. Knowing how retouch and enhance your images, creates a final product that is beautiful, timeless, and worthy of display in the home of my Tampa parents and other family photography clients. Make sure that who you’re hiring for your Land O Lakes and Tampa Newborn Photography can deliver a gallery start to finish that reflects technique, skill and tender care.

To book your newborn photography in Tampa consider DigitalMyst Photography. Dani has over a decade of hands on baby newborn experience and ready to support families in the Bay Area looking for quality portraiture and a long lasting photographer friend.