Grow With Me Sessions

Photographing a baby at different milestones throughout their first year is a beautiful way to capture their growth and development. Here's an overview of what each milestone looks like when photographing a baby at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months as part of DigitalMyst Photography's Grow With Me packages:

At 3 months, babies are beginning to develop more control over their head and neck. They can often lift their heads during tummy time and may start to show early signs of social engagement, such as smiling and making eye contact. During a 3-month photoshoot, you can expect:

Tummy Time Photos: Photographers will capture your baby during tummy time to showcase their emerging head control.

Close-Up Portraits: Close-up shots of your baby's expressive face, capturing their developing personality.

Family Interaction: Including family members in some shots to document the connections between your baby and their loved ones.

By 6 months, babies are usually able to sit up with support and may have started to explore solid foods. They are often more expressive and can exhibit a range of emotions. During a 6-month photoshoot, you can expect:

Sitting Up Shots: Photographers will capture your baby in a seated position, showcasing their improved balance and curiosity.

Interaction with Props: Props and toys can be incorporated to highlight your baby's growing curiosity and playfulness.

Expressions: Candid shots capturing your baby's laughter, smiles, and possibly even some teething moments.

At 9 months, babies are usually quite mobile. They may be crawling or even attempting to take their first steps. This milestone is a wonderful time to capture their emerging personality and physical achievements. Expect:

Crawling and Exploring: Photographers will capture your baby on the move, exploring their surroundings.

Curiosity: Candid shots of your baby's curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Family Interactions: Including family members and pets to document the bonds and connections within your family.

The first birthday is a significant milestone for both babies and parents. At this age, many babies are standing or taking their first steps. They may also have a few words in their vocabulary. A 12-month first year Tampa photoshoot typically includes:

First Steps: Capturing the joy and excitement of your baby taking their first steps.

Cake Smash: A popular tradition where the baby gets to enjoy a birthday cake and create playful, messy photos.

Portrait Session: Formal portraits of your baby to mark this special milestone.

Throughout all these milestones, DigitalMyst Photography will aim to capture the unique personality and growth of your baby. They will use creative settings, props, and lighting to create memorable images that you can cherish for years to come. These milestone sessions provide a beautiful visual journey of your baby's first year and make for a heartwarming keepsake for your family.

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