Cubby Cheeks

Baby chubby cheeks are one of the most adorable features of infants.

They are soft and squishy, making them irresistible to cuddle and kiss.

It's easy to see why parents swoon over their littles!

Thick little thighs

Baby chubby thick thighs are another endearing feature of babies! Who doesn't want to pinch them! Watching them waddle around with those cute chunky legs brings lots of smiles! I love capturing those moments of standing for the first time.

You Survived the first year!

The first year of a baby's life is full of milestones and challenges, and it's natural for parents to feel a mix of emotions as a parent during this time. Some of the good things that you as parents experience during their baby's first year include the joy of watching your child grow and develop, the excitement of seeing your baby reach new milestones, capturing those milestones to save that moment in time forever… oh and the love and bond that develops between you and your new baby.

The first year; however, can also be difficult as new parents adjusting to the demands of caring for a baby. It’s even tough for parents with more than one child special from experience. Some of the hard things that we as parents may face during this time include sleep deprivation (I mean do we ever recover from this? Asking for a friend!?), feelings of overwhelm and isolation in the day to day parental care of a baby, and the stress of learning how to care for a newborn. After all, we don’t get a manual when we leave the hospital that’s for sure. We’re all doing our very best!  

One of the most special moments during a baby's first year is when they start walking and talking, which usually happens around the one-year mark. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of parents, and it's a moment to be celebrated and cherished by the entire family. It's a reminder of how much your baby has grown and how far they have come since their first days of life.

It’s also a reminder to call your Tampa family photographer to capture the first birthday milestone moments before they rapidly change in a blink.

The first year of your baby's life is a time of growth, change, and learning for both the baby and the parents. It’s celebration on survival of the first year and a job well done parents! Dani of DigitalMyst Photography recommends Tampa first birthday smash cake sessions be scheduled about a month before your baby is one if you want to post or use these printed images at your babes first birthday.  

To learn more about our Tampa Smash Cake sessions click here for some of my first birthday tips.

Take a look at Miss Kendall and her family. She's the only girl in this crew and goodness is she adored by the entire family. These boys are so sweet with her. Here's some of her first birthday images we captured.

DigitalMyst Photography Smash Cake sessions include a few family photos, close ups of the birthday baby and a smash cake ending. They're so fun and special for keepsakes!

Wishing Kendall a Happy 1st Birthday today from DigitalMyst Photography!

Baby K's 6month milestone photos

Here's a look at Baby K's Partial Grow With Me package with Land O Lakes photographer DigitalMyst Photography. To book a milestone session like the one in this blog, click contact us today. More here.