Your Tampa IVF Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Being a photographer of an IVF baby is an extraordinary and emotionally charged experience.

It's an incredible privilege to be entrusted with capturing the essence of this precious new life, a symbol of hope and perseverance after a long and challenging journey through the In vitro fertilization process. The parents' love and joy are palpable, as they finally hold their much-awaited bundle of joy in their arms. Every click of the camera becomes a celebration of triumph over adversity, a visual testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

As a photographer, I am deeply moved by the significance of these moments and understand the profound impact these images will have in cherishing the miracle of life that was so ardently desired and now beautifully realized.

Here's photos from some of Valerie's story, please meet their beautiful baby girl!

Here's a little behind the scenes of my in-home Tampa newborn session with this baby girl. I was honored to be able to use many of the boxes given to me from her momma's IVF journey. She saved every needle and bottle for me to use and I was so incredible chocked up by the magnitude of needles on display.

Motherhood is such a gift.