Preparing for lower light conditions in your Tampa home for photography.

Natural light is DigitalMyst Photography's preferred light for newborn photography because it provides soft, diffused illumination that helps capture the delicate features of the baby in a flattering way. However, there are situations where using a covered porch or outdoor area can be advantageous for achieving better lighting conditions than your home.

Before my Tampa Newborn Photo Sessions take place I work with parents to learn about lighting in their home. Since I shoot all natural light this is critical to know before coming to your home. When I get photos and lighting isn't ideal, I quickly resort to a covered patio or porch to better achieve what I need to make your newborn images beautiful and timeless. Typically, I know all of this before ever showing up at your home for the actual session. Thanks to your help providing the photos, of course!

Now you know why I ask... I also like to know what your home decor looks like to best pair a backdrop for your parent shots and gauge what sort of props and flooring would flow nicely once your images are printed and displayed around the house.

Here's some things on my mind as I plan your Wesley Chapel newborn session with DigitalMyst Photography.

  • Diffused Light: Outdoor areas like a covered porch can act as a natural diffuser, softening and spreading the sunlight. This helps in avoiding harsh shadows and highlights on the baby's face and skin, resulting in more even and flattering lighting.
  • Glare: Direct sunlight can cause strong highlights and glare, which can be especially problematic when photographing newborns with delicate skin. Sometimes windows and doors can let in spotty light so I like to check before I ever setup.
  • Space and Composition: Sometimes, indoor spaces might be limited in terms of available shooting angles and compositions. While it's preferred to have more space than less I can make a situation work. If I have to post my back up against a window just to get the shot - well, challenge accepted!
  • Less Clutter: Newborn photography often requires a clutter-free and distraction-free background. While this isn't always possible, an outdoor setting like a porch can help minimize indoor clutter and create a cleaner backdrop for your photos than say a living room with toddler toys.

Here's a newborn session that took place on a back porch as the sun ran over the top of the home blocking most light in the interior working space of the home. BUT guess what?! You'd never know I was sweating my bum off on the porch by these images and that's why you should hire DigitalMyst Photography for your Tampa newborn photography.

Meet Baby A and her adorable Wesley Chapel family!