There are many reasons why you should consider taking photos of your pregnancy before your baby comes.

Here are three for your Land O Lakes Maternity photographer:

  1. Preserve Your Memories: Pregnancy is a unique and special time in your life, and it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some. Taking photos during your pregnancy can help you preserve these precious memories and look back on them in the future. Ever wonder if your kids will say "what did you look like carrying me"... trust me, that time will come and you'll have beautiful photos to show them for their baby book and in later years!
  2. Celebrate Your Body: Pregnancy is a time when your body goes through significant changes. While some women may feel self-conscious about their changing shape, taking maternity photos can help you embrace and celebrate your body as it goes through this incredible journey. You're created a life and that moment should be snapped in time.
  3. Share these with Family and Friends: Land O Lakes Maternity photos can also be a great way to share your pregnancy journey with loved ones, especially if they live far away and can't be there to experience it with you in person.

When it comes to hiring me as your professional photographer for your maternity session in Tampa, there are a few key reasons to book in advance:

  1. Availability: As a Professional photographer, I can book up quickly in certain months, especially during peak seasons. By booking in advance, you can ensure that you secure a spot with me on the date and time of your choice.
  2. Planning: Planning a maternity session takes time and preparation, especially if you have a specific vision or theme in mind. Voice that to me as soon as you think more about it. Keeping me in the loop is totally key so I understand your vision. By booking in advance, you'll have plenty of time to plan and coordinate the details of your session with me too! I love getting dress up photos before so feel free to text those my way. [+1 (407) 473-3367]
  3. Peace of Mind: Booking in advance can give you peace of mind and reduce stress leading up to your session. Nothing makes it harder to relax than limited time, long shipping and lack of flexibility for both of our schedules. You'll have a set date and time, and you won't have to worry about scrambling.

To book a maternity shoot with DigitalMyst Photography of Land O Lakes contact us today.

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